While mixing, filling and washing your equipment you run the risk of plant protection products ending up in wrong places. Implementing a filling & washing area can prevent residual plant protection products flowing into surface waters. A fixed area where all handling of plant protection products takes places, reduces these risks to a minimum. Moreover, a fixed filling & washing area offers the opportunity to optimise these processes, by combining it with rainwater storage for instance.

Modular solution

A filling & washing area has to meet your farm’s needs. The design is influenced by many factors. Amongst others the way your farmyard is laid out, driving directions, size of your equipment and any possible plans for the future are of importance when choosing a location. The location needs to meet today’s requirements but also any that might crop up in the future. With all of this in mind, Beutech Agro offers a high-quality and flexible solution. Our modular composite flooring sheets can be applied in many configurations. Combined with increased strength and chemical resistance this is truly a strong alternative for concrete and other materials.

The flooring sheets can be laid out on any subsoil, as long as it has sufficient bearing capacity. All that is needed is a levelling with some slant, reducing the amount of required groundwork to a bare minimum. The filling & washing area can also be placed on existing paved areas and is easily expanded or relocated if that proves to be necessary in the future.

In order to offer a complete system, we also deliver splash walls, ramps, fuel & oil separators, coalescence separators, etc.


• Environmental gains: no emissions to surface water or sewer
• Long lifespan
• Applicable on top of any paved surface
• Minimal to no maintenance
• User-friendly
• Available in a wide range of sizes

Technical details:

• Lifespan: 30-60 years
• Traffic category 600 (suitable for 60 tonnes with a 20 tonne axle pressure)
• Modular: from construction to desired surface
• Several options such as screen walls, (washing) installations, technical boot, etc.
• Size per flooring element (l x w x h) 5,500 x 2,500 x 70 millimetres
• No decomposition, weathering, cracking, spalling or deforming
• No deterioration due to moisture, mold, rot, temperature, UV, weathering or fatigue
• Durably resistant to static and dynamic mechanical loads
• Durably resistant to thermal, physical and chemical influences
• Integrated drainage system for collection and disposal of waste water
• Low transportation and installation costs due to the relatively low weight and universal dimensions
• Separate wastewater treatment facility including fully accredited inspection and Declaration of Impermeable Facility
• CO2 footprint is 50% lower compared to concrete or asphalt
• Residual material is chemically inert; the total energy content and the fibres can be recovered after technical service life in their entirety
• Residual material can be completely recycled