The Phytobac® System

Clean and maintain your crop protection and fertilisation equipment sustainably with Phytobac®.

This closed filling and cleaning system located directly on your farm is the ideal addition to sprayer cleaning on the field. Micro-organisms in the substrate of the Phytobac® system degrade crop protection products in wastewater and prevent point source pollution in waterbodies, which may otherwise occur during the cleaning of spraying equipment.

Phytobac® is the one-stop solution for actively conserving the natural resource water. The closed-circuit system supports you in complying with the strict limits for crop protection residues in drinking water and groundwater as well as in streams, rivers, and lakes. Phytobac® thus offers a sustainable, legally compliant system for wastewater management.

Clever Water Conservation: Module-Based and Flexible

The modular principle of Phytobac® allows you to adapt the system to your farm’s needs. Select individual modules and flexibly integrate them into already existing cleaning systems. If required, you can increase your Phytobac® system’s capacity at a later date, hence cooperation with farmer colleagues or workshops for spraying equipment is always possible.

Clean Your Equipment Right on the Farm

Phytobac® enables you to clean agricultural machinery and spraying equipment on an impermeable filling and washing area on your farm. The contaminated wash water is collected on the concrete slab. By using the Beutech safety switch, you can direct the wash water via a sludge trap into the Phytobac® buffer tank. The Phytobac® control system then regulates the sprinkling of wash water onto the substrate container. The micro-organisms contained in the substrate, consisting of arable soil and straw, degrade crop protection residues from the wash water. Sensors and the control unit automatically maintain consistent moisture levels in the substrate. Thus, residues are degraded under optimum conditions. The clean water then evaporates from the soil surface.

Beutech’s safety switch allows the selection between two water circuits. In addition to the Phytobac® circuit, you can set the safety switch’s lever to “rainwater” mode. This way, you can also rinse your tilling equipment or other machinery on the washing slab. The wastewater from this cleaning process is treated as normal rainwater and runs off via an oil trap into a sewer, draining ditch or biotope.

Customise to specific farm requirements
Safe handling and low maintenance

Farms specialising in arable crops, vegetable growing, fruit growing, and viticulture, often have different requirements. Beutech’s modular system is designed to meet these varying requirements and guarantees you precise and farm-specific planning of the Phytobac® system. With your customised Phytobac®, you can work directly at your washing area, with your rinsing equipment and personal protective gear at hand.